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Don’t drink coffee? Most likely, you simply did not find your option correctly. Bittersweet espresso, chocolate mocha, rich americano, delicate latte… Find out what the most popular coffee drinks are like – maybe you’ll find the one you like among them.

Let’s start with the fact that the most common are the two varieties of coffee – Arabica and Robusta. Arabica has a more refined and less astringent taste with acid. To soften, Arabica is mixed with bitter and very astringent Robusta. The ideal ratio is six to one, which is six parts of Robusta and one part of Arabica. Roasting – light, medium, strong or higher – for an amateur. The grain size and grinding affect the taste: the larger the grain, the richer the infusion. But the finer the grind, the tastier the drink. Besides, the quality of ground coffee deteriorates quickly, so it is better to grind coffee at once.

Buy coffee in sealed pots or bags. After opening, the product can be stored without loss of quality and taste properties for no more than a month. In addition, in glass jars with a tight lid, so that it does not absorb the aromas of other products.

Only ground and ground coffee is called natural. Soluble almost completely lacks the true taste and aroma that are in the drink.


The basis of all coffee drinks. Real espresso is prepared in a special machine under pressure for exactly 30 seconds. If there is too much, the drink will become bitter. Do not stop – the taste and aroma will not open. Espresso is valued for its crema, the so-called thick, velvety, caramel-gold colored foam that forms on the surface of the coffee. Therefore, professionals say that the drink “lives” only 15 seconds. After that, the foam starts to dissolve.

Cooking: At home, espresso can be brewed in a Turk. Pour 2 tsp into it. finely ground coffee and put on a well-heated stove. Warm up for 5-10 seconds. Pour 150 ml of cold water and reduce the heat to a minimum. When the coffee starts to boil, remove the cezve from the heat. And after a few seconds, put it again. Repeat steps 5-7 more times. After the last removal of coffee from the heat, pour 1 tsp in it. ice water The coffee suspension will settle to the bottom. Pour coffee into a cup. It is important that the drink is thick. Sprinkle a pinch of cane sugar on top. On the surface of a quality espresso, the grains will remain and will not sink immediately. An espresso shot is usually 30-50 ml.

Instructions for use – drink when you need to wake up urgently.


Espresso with hot milk and a layer of smooth, glossy foam. Consists of three equal parts – espresso, warm milk and cream.

Cooking: whisk 100 ml of milk into a strong foam. Make a shot of espresso. Pour in the milk, twist the espresso cup slightly to form a coffee ring. Garnish with cinnamon or cocoa, if desired. Remember that too hot milk makes the cappuccino bitter, and too cold you will not get a good foam. It is best to use milk at room temperature.

Instructions for use – drink in the morning, slowly, to finally wake up.

To make the pattern, pour the hot milk into the coffee in a circular motion. At the same time, keep the cup of coffee still, and the milk jug as low as possible, but do not touch the drink. When the cup is almost full, instead of circular movements, swing from side to side, go down from the top edge of the cup. You will see how the drawing will appear. Having gone down, lift the milk jug and with a sharp movement pull the picture up in one stream.


Classic black coffee, less intense than cappuccino. A distinctive feature – the cream must completely cover the coffee. It looks like coffee with milk. But in fact it only consists of water and espresso.

Cooking: pour 30 ml of hot espresso into a cup (180 ml) of boiling water. It is important to pour the espresso into the water, and not the other way around, otherwise the coffee will burn and become bitter.

Instructions for use – drink during a business meeting or an important meeting to give yourself confidence.


Espresso with hot chocolate under a layer of sloppy hot milk. It is called “chocolate cappuccino”.

Cooking: Beat 180 ml of milk with 15 g of cocoa powder into a thick foam. Take a cup of fresh espresso (60 ml) and shake it a little to form a coffee ring. Then pour in the cocoa milk. From a teaspoon, drop a piece of whipped milk on top. Garnish with cinnamon or cocoa, if desired.

Instructions for use – drink after a hard day’s work and relax.



Milk and lightest coffee of all. It has more milk than coffee – three to one.

Cooking: Whisk 180 ml of warm milk into a thick foam. Pour 30 ml of espresso directly into the center with a sharp movement and wait for the layers to form. Add cinnamon or syrup if you like. Milk of normal fat content is best suited for latte, the foam should come out with a smooth surface and without bubbles. Their presence, like the smell of bitterness, indicates that the milk is overheated.

Instructions for use – drink after important negotiations or disputes to relieve stress.


Espresso softened with a cap of milk foam.

Cooking: whisk 50 ml of milk into a thick fluffy foam. Make 60 ml of espresso and drop 1 tsp in it. milk foam.

Instructions for use – drink on a working afternoon, when the strength has run out, but there is still plenty to do.

flat white

Coffee with a creamy texture and rich taste. It is made with double espresso and milk.

Cooking: make two shots of espresso (60 ml). Warm up 100 ml of milk. Stir it so that it combines with the foam. Holding a cup of espresso in one hand, start with warm milk in a circular motion so as not to damage the cream.

Instructions for use – drink in the afternoon and enjoy, make grandiose plans.

iced latte

A coffee cocktail made of espresso, milk, syrup and ice. Caramel and vanilla syrup are most suitable.

Cooking: make 30 ml of espresso. Mix it in a blender with 50 g crushed ice and syrup to taste. Pour 150-200 ml of cold milk into a tall glass. Drop two ice cubes. Put the coffee grinder from the blender on it.

Instructions for use – drink with friends at any time of the day.

Protuccino: healthy TikTok coffee that even doctors and nutritionists love

Of course, these are not all types of coffee, there are also, for example, irish, glasse, raff, lungo, ristretto and many others, which are supplemented with condensed milk, whipped cream, ice cream, whiskey, various syrups, made from coffee of different ground or prepared in various ways. All this affects the taste.

If you can’t drink coffee but want a similar taste, try a drink made with chicory, carob, or cocoa.


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