7 healthy foods to take with you on a train journey, replacing fried chicken with healthy foods

How to replace fried chicken and pies on the train? 7 useful alternatives on the road

Elena Doronkina

Healthy travel alternatives

Harmful “station” food can not only spoil the figure, the nutritionist guarantees.

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<p class=What’s wrong with the food we buy at train stations, and what can we replace it with?

When you go on a train journey, many of us enjoy the “station romance” – wheels hitting the rails, a good sleep on the top shelf and, of course, traditional “travel dishes” – grilled chicken, cakes, fast food like “Doshirak” ” and mashed potatoes, which are so convenient to brew. But have we ever thought about what “station food” carries in itself? How safe is what we eat in the train, and how will all this backfire on us?

What’s wrong with “way” food?

First of all – dangerous fats and cholesterol. In chicken, pies, shawarma and other “station delicacies” there are many harmful substances that accumulate in our body and over time can cause oncology. In addition, there is a high risk of damage to the cardiovascular system, brain and figure. By the way, the skin is considered the most harmful part of the chicken – it is there that most toxins accumulate, and during grilling, the toxins are absorbed into the meat.

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Another disadvantage of such products is their high calorie content. Grilled chicken is almost twice as high in calories as regular chicken. That is, after eating about 100 g of grilled chicken, you get 200-250 kcal. For those who follow the weight and do not want to get fat – this is not desirable.

There are practically no vitamins in the “station delicacies” and fast brewing products. The essential vitamins that a person needs are not contained in this food at all, so it can be said that this is an “empty food” without benefit. If we talk specifically about “Doshirak”, it will not cause direct damage to the body. But after using it there is a risk of high blood pressure, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, ulcers and intestinal diseases.

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Another nuance that not many people pay attention to is the conditions in which the food was prepared. Many fast food stores try to keep clean, but the key word here is “try.” Often, the shelf life of grilled chicken is greatly increased by the marinade, made by experienced vendors. Therefore, there is a risk to buy a product that is far from the first freshness. Also, do not forget that the device for cooking grilled chicken cannot be washed as often and thoroughly as we would like.

What can replace this food?

There are many alternatives to junk food.

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  1. Fruit and vegetables. Take natural vitamins with you, which cleanse the body of harmful substances, strengthen immunity, improve sleep and increase defense. Bananas, apples, pears, tangerines, grapes, tomatoes and cucumbers will suit you. Wash them at home in advance, then on the road you just have to get them and eat them. By the way, from vegetables boiled potatoes in their skin will be a good option. And the most convenient – cutting. For example, celery stalks and roots.
  2. Chicken or turkey cutlets. They are very easy to cook at home – you just need to cut the fillets into small pieces, cover with a bag, beat off and fry for 15 minutes in a dry frying pan. Wrap in foil, add vegetables – and a healthy meal for the road with proteins, vitamins and minerals is ready.
  3. Hard-boiled eggs. The best option for healthy travel food. Quickly prepared and perfectly absorbed by the body. They contain a large amount of vitamins A, B, E, D and K, as well as folic acid, iron and calcium. Cool them for eight minutes, cool and wrap in two layers of foil.
  4. Canned food. Now on sale there are many canned foods with a convenient valve for opening. You don’t even need improvised means. Very good PP options are corn, peas, tuna, squash caviar and beans. But make sure that there is no sugar in the composition.
  5. If you want something more satisfying, try taking it with you pita and wrap the ingredients to fill it in foil – chicken pieces, cucumbers with tomatoes, herbs and cheese.
  6. Buckwheat, small grass, bulgur or couscous and a thermos. Put the cereal in a thermos bottle, pour boiling water, add salt and after a while you will get a full hot dish. You can add ghee or ghee (it is better to take it with you in a small glass container) and finely chopped dried white mushrooms.
  7. Nuts and dried fruits. They must first be soaked and dried, so that they activate their beneficial properties and are better absorbed in the intestine. Great option for a snack.

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Don’t forget about drinks. Soda and dairy won’t be the best options on the road. Preference should be given to water without gas, fruit drinks, compotes and tea.

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