A simple but effective trick for perfectly slicing crusty bread from bakers

We will show you how to properly cut fresh baguettes, ciabatta, loaves, loaves – all with a crispy crust and soft, airy crumb, so that fresh bread does not lose its original shape. The trick is simple but effective.

How to cut bread

There is one, at first glance, small problem that is not common to talk about, but this does not mean that it does not deserve attention: how to cut fresh bread nicely, in equal pieces, so that the crust does not break under the knife, and the meat does not flatten? This is especially true if you don’t have a special knife on the farm, and you like, for example, fresh breads and baguettes for breakfast.

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution. To cut bread with the most common knife, put it with a dense and crispy bottom crust up, that is, turn the bread upside down. The theory is simple: if you cut the hardest part of the bread first, it will be much easier to keep its shape. You cut into the hard part and then slide through the crumb like butter.

This trick definitely works, but it is effective for breads, and if you have to cut thick tortillas or bread with a hard crust on all sides, it is better to cut them at a 45-degree angle.

And one more important point – many people cut a bread, like they cut a tree, but you have to act a little more gently. Saw, and do not press with all the force on the bread. “Look, Shura, look!”

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