And Olivier can be useful: how to set the New Year’s table without a threat to health

New Year celebration can be hard for health and affect the figure. And yet, without gastronomic pleasure, it will not be possible to enjoy a festive night. How to solve the dilemma? What are some simple rules to follow? And how to set the table for the benefit of the body and with minimal impact on the wallet? We are dealing with the doctor-gastroenterologist, nutritionist Olga Shestakova.

Five rules of the party

Say no to fasting days

Never refuse food in the period before the party. The idea that you leave something “reserve” for overeating is wrong. The feeling of hunger caused by the previous restrained behavior will noticeably worsen during the feast. You will not be able to stop and on the sweet and harmful, which will only harm yourself.

Start with a salad

This rule is universal and useful not only at parties. You will get a faster feeling of fullness, and therefore you can control your behavior and avoid overeating. In addition, salads are healthier than most of the fatty dishes on the table, which is confirmed by a number of recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Put the cutlery aside

Put a piece of food, start chewing and drop the fork, spoon on the edge of the plate. So you will enjoy the process, the taste of food will become brighter, and it is not necessary to jump on the dish in one sitting.

Choose food to chew

Sugary drinks, juices, smoothies, pureed soups will not give you the feeling of fullness that comes from whole foods. The risk of overeating increases. Focus on fresh vegetable salads, natural cuts of meat, fish, whole grains and cereals.

Focus on feeling full

Ask yourself if you are full. The feeling of satiety is a reason to put down the cutlery, put away the plate. Do other things during the break: chat with the participants of the party, take a walk, get some air. You can always come back to the party later.

Maybe you will break free and not be able to follow all the rules. It’s not scary. Avoid debt. Self-flagellation will not lead to positive long-term results. Food should not be associated with torture.

The structure of a healthy party

Fatigue usually sets in at the end of the year. For some, the last few months were difficult, not only because of the number of cases, but also because of the illness. Postcovid syndrome results in problems of the gastrointestinal tract. The immune system may not have time to recover. That’s why it’s so important to stick to simple rules on a festive night.

“The New Year’s table can be really tasty and healthy if we slightly adapt the recipes we are used to, add more variety and plan the dishes in advance, so that there is not too much food in the end. This will not only help not to overeat, but also save the family budget, “says nutritionist Olga Shestakova. – The structure of a healthy New Year’s table can be represented as follows: one or two salads to choose from, slices of vegetables and fruit, sliced ​​cheese and meat sheets (you can use homemade types of pastrami), a hot dish and dessert. In general, this amount of food is enough for the average person to feel full. In addition, light snacks and nuts can be at the table be added.


Avoid heavy mayonnaise options. Give preference to lighter counterparts. For example, a protein salad with chicken, cheese and pineapple in natural yogurt mixed with Dijon mustard. A dish of fresh vegetables is suitable for the second salad. A good option is seafood, fresh herbs, tomatoes, avocados with lemon juice and olive oil dressing.

“If you want to leave the traditional Olivier, it can also be made useful by replacing sausages with boiled meat, and mayonnaise with natural yogurt with lemon juice and mustard,” explains the nutritionist.

Hot dishes

You can choose fish, which is famous for being a lighter product compared to meat or poultry. This is an excellent source of complete protein, which will be especially useful during the recovery period after the coronavirus. In addition, it is less likely than meat to cause rejection in case of post-COVID violation of smells and tastes.

“Fish can be baked, stewed or grilled. Ideally, if it will be on New Year’s Eve, fatty fish (salmon), rich in omega-3 PUFAs. But you can also use regular pollock, it goes well with a vegetable pillow in recipes with the oven, “added Olga Shestakova.

Fruit and vegetable slices

Mandatory element of the New Year’s table. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that are important for a body weakened in winter, and also an indispensable component of any healthy diet. Cuts can be beautifully and originally arranged so that they become a table decoration.

In addition, the WHO recommends eating at least 400 grams of fruit and vegetables per day, which is about five servings.


Choose a low fat product. Alternate between soft and hard cheese.

“But I would recommend giving up sausages. It is better to take marinated or baked meat, also made in the form of cuts,” says the nutritionist.


Curved cheesecakes, dishes with fresh fruit, dried fruit or nuts are suitable.

“In any case, it’s not even the dessert itself that counts, but the quantity. It should be an addition to the festive table, and not the main course,” notes Olga Shestakova.


Alcoholic drinks should not be much. According to the WHO, there is no minimum safe dose. Alcohol is closely associated with about sixty diseases, and in almost all cases a direct relationship has been proven between the amount of alcohol consumed and the risks of contracting the disease.

“It is also better to refuse sweet drinks, replacing them with plain water. To taste, you can use herbal tea or soda without sugar,” the nutritionist summarizes.

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