Beef or pork. 20 best meat dishes that you can cook every day

September 19, 05:05

Minced meat is the central ingredient in many dishes (Photo: timolina /

We have compiled a large selection of recipes that will form an excellent basis for a meat menu for a month.

When it comes to meat, it’s hard to come up with a more versatile ingredient than ground beef or pork. It is this type of meat that is a key component of many of our favorite dishes: from lasagna to pies. This product is available in every supermarket and is inferior in price to steaks and most seafood. And while you obviously have a few minced meat specialties such as marine pasta, we offer you a selection with a variety of recipes that center on ground beef or pork. Try one of these recipes, which will surely be a meal hit.

Let’s start with the basics – chops. There is no need for long introductions and explanations, because everything is clear to everyone. It’s delicious, simple and very homely. However, we do not offer simple cutlets, but a dish of two types of minced meat and cutlets with zucchini instead of bread.

Those who don’t really like meatballs usually can’t resist the round versions of this dish – meatballs and meatballs. Meatballs from IKEA are a legendary dish that is adored in all corners of the world, and meatballs are something homely and cozy.

If we talk about Ukrainian cuisine, then here with minced meat in the main role there are cabbage rolls and their lazy version. Not everyone liked the combination of soft cabbage leaves with minced meat in childhood, but cabbage rolls are like olives: to appreciate the incredible taste, you have to grow up.

A good alternative to cabbage rolls is stuffed peppers. You can cook them according to the classic universally recognized recipe, from different types of meat according to the Odessa recipe of Savva Libkin, or with spices according to the Israeli recipe.

Of course, where would we be without Italian cuisine, lasagna and many types of pasta that do not exist without minced meat. So, with minced meat and a few extra ingredients at home, you can make a wonderful Italian-style dinner yourself by making, for example, plain or squash lasagna.

Next stop for world cuisine is Britain and its traditional cottage or shepherd’s pie. The basis is potatoes, minced meat and, sometimes, additional ingredients according to the taste and desire of the cook. For example, there are versions of the dish with green peas, and Alex Yakutov adds Carpathian cheese to the English pie.

As we continue to move through different cuisines of the world, we also offer to cook different classic dishes from different countries. We have recipes for cheeseburgers, belyashi, kebabs and Transcarpathian-Moldovan benderiki for you.

We complete the selection with an eternal classic, Ukrainian fast food with Crimean roots – chebureks. Cook them according to the classic recipe, with pita bread if you don’t like to cook dough, or with cabbage to make the dish healthier.

Cook and enjoy. Enjoy your meal!

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