BTS’s Jin publishes a vlog about making menboshi

Gin of bts introduced his cooking vlog, in which he said he would go to a master class with one of the most famous chefs in Korea Lee Young Boku. According to Gina, he has been to this chef’s restaurant several times and liked the atmosphere there. He also noted that this is a good place to learn how to cook. Cooking is a hobby Gina. When Lee Jonge Bok when he found out, he gave him frying pans, pots and knives.

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When they agreed on a master class, the chef offered to teach him how to make dumplings, but Gin noted that he wants to learn how to cook menboshu (fried shrimp toast), the restaurant’s specialty. Take with you as a gift for training Gin I got a jar of honey from my grandfather’s bee farm, and also a bottle of good wine, because the cook likes to drink with him.

Next, when Gin came to Lee Young Boku and gave me honey and wine, they went straight to cooking. The idol cooked, and the chef from the side checked the process * and asked.

He took 300 g of shrimp, squeezed them out with a paper towel to remove moisture, and then crushed them with a special knife. The shrimp stuck to the knife during this process and the chef showed Ginahow to do it faster and more accurately. Next, the prawns had to be textured, which required the use of two knives with the blunt side.

Then a mixture was prepared, which had to be mixed with minced shrimp: eggs, starch, seasoning and pork fat. The latter has been called the most important ingredient of menboshi because it adds flavor and holds the meat together. After baking the minced meat, it was necessary to make balls out of it. how to do it Lee Jonge Bok showed Ginabecause there was a special technique – how to properly squeeze a piece of minced meat in the hand, how to roll, etc.

After that it was necessary to cut the bread properly. Then a sauce was made consisting of garlic, ketchup, sugar, Doubanjiang bean spicy paste, vinegar, and oyster sauce. After that it was already necessary to place the shrimp balls properly between slices of bread and fries. One manbosh Gin I made it burn on purpose to show what newcomers can do.

It was noticed after preparing menboshi that the recipe itself was not complicated. The difficulty lies in the preparation, which is the technique of cutting, frying, etc. Gin, summed up, turned to the fans, and noted that he hopes they will try to cook this dish and that they will like the video, although it was not very funny. He himself, according to him, was a lot of fun filming the vlog.

*From the author: the author apologizes if some culinary processes are named incorrectly, as he is not very good at cooking.

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