Cakes, jam, cakes. 11 Cherry Dessert Recipes

Cherries add a nice acidity to desserts (Photo: didi miam / unsplash)

We have collected the most interesting recipes with cherries, which are worth making in the high season.

Cherry is an ideal berry for cooking, as its acidity perfectly balances the taste of many desserts. In addition, it is useful, and therefore the filling of this berry will improve any dessert.

Therefore, do not miss cherry season and cook at least one of the dishes we have collected.

What to cook with cherries

First you need to think about harvesting cherries for the winter. The first proven option is cherry jams or jams. You can cook the classic version, or add a little spice with cinnamon or chili with lemon.

Alternatively, you can freeze cherries. It is better to freeze spicy cherries, so that later it would be easier to cook dishes from them. How to freeze berries, read in our material.

Dumplings in different types, shapes and under different names exist in almost all cuisines of the world, but our dish is distinguished by traditional fillings: curd and cherries. So, if you cook dumplings with cherries, you will make a real Ukrainian dish.

Cherry pies are a simple but win-win option for making this berry, for which you only need flour, sugar, eggs, butter and, in fact, cherries:

A separate topic is desserts with cherries, because this berry is one of the most popular fillings.

Cherries can diversify familiar desserts, for example, andruty (waffle cake) or tiramisu.

Or make cherries the main flavor in dessert:

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