Chicken cutlets recipe – how to cook delicious minced meat

Many housewives have favorite cutlet recipes that they have learned to cook completely. But if you like to experiment with flavors, make delicious breaded fish cakes, of bulgur or chicken fillet. theLime has picked up a simple recipe for the latter.

Ingredients: chicken fillet or thigh meat (1.3 kg), onion (400 g), butter (40 g), white bread (180 g), milk (250 ml), garlic (4 cloves), parsley (1/2 bunch), salt, pepper, paprika, vegetable oil for frying.



Put white bread in a small bowl and fill it with milk.

Onions and garlic are cleaned, cut. Heat a frying pan with vegetable oil, fry the onion until soft, then add the garlic.

Rinse the parsley in running water, put it on paper towels for a few minutes to absorb excess moisture. We grind with a knife.

We wash the chicken in running water, cut off, if there is, excess fat and cartilage. We pass through a meat grinder. We also rotate the fried vegetables and soft bread.

Add herbs and chopped herbs to the minced meat, knead until smooth with your hands.

Heat a frying pan with vegetable oil. We collect a little minced meat with a spoon, put it in our palm, form a cutlet and beat it lightly in our hands. We spread the cutlets in a pan, fry first on one side until golden brown, and then turn to the other.

If you want to, cutlets can be placed in a baking dish and put in the oven at a temperature of 170 ° C.
Serve delicious chicken cutlets with any salad or side dish and enjoy the taste.

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