Cooking a hamburger, a cheeseburger and a chicken burger: 3 incredibly delicious recipes for fans of fast food

Unlike the previous two recipes, the chicken burger does not have such strict requirements for ingredients. It is clear that the chicken cutlet should include, as well as onions and lettuce, but otherwise you have a wide field for creativity. For example, you can add fragrant herbs to cutlets and/or prepare complex sauces.

We don’t know if you want to enjoy a solo burger or if you want to treat your friends (how much exactly?), so we don’t give exact instructions about the ingredients: “take 1 kg of minced chicken”, etc. Instead, it is better to indicate the proportions: for 500 g of mixed chicken you will need 1 medium onion and 1 egg (optional). Then simply multiply by two depending on how many guests you want to feed.

You can take ready-made minced meat or make it yourself (use chicken fillet, for tenderness you can add a little pork in a ¼ ratio). We put it in a small bowl and add finely chopped onion and bread (Japanese tempura is very good). Some recipes also include an egg. From herbs, in addition to salt and pepper, you can use anything that is suitable for chicken meat: Provence herbs, curry, paprika, dried garlic. Mix everything thoroughly and leave for 30 minutes, so that the crackers are saturated with moisture.

You can form chicken cutlets with the same lid that helped us cook hamburgers. The most important thing is that the size of the cutlet corresponds more or less to the diameter of the bun.

Then put the cutlets in a pan and fry them in vegetable oil until golden brown. First, put a high fire, and then bring to readiness over medium heat under the lid.

As a sauce, you can use garlic mayonnaise (1 chopped garlic clove per ½ cup of mayonnaise, you have to let it brew) or mayonnaise with the addition of wheat flour. However, the chicken burger also goes well with other sauces: from tzatziki to cheese.

Choose a recipe to your liking and do some culinary magic. Check at the same time whose hamburger will be tastier: yours or cooked at your favorite place. Enjoy your meal!

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