cutlets “for 11 kopecks”, as in the Soviet canteen

Nowadays, many wake up with nostalgia for the old Soviet cuisine. For example, cutlets from childhood, which were sold in stores in the form of semi-finished products or were included in the menu of school, student, factory and catering canteens. They usually cost 11 kopecks.

Required Ingredients

for 10 chops

  • meat – 550 g;
  • pork – 250 g;
  • white bread – 150 g;
  • ice water – 200 g;
  • bread – 100 g;
  • fat for frying – 50 g;
  • salt – 10 g;
  • pepper – 0.6 g;
  • onions – optional.

How to cook cutlets “11 kopecks each”, like in a Soviet canteen

  1. To prepare breading, dry slices of white bread or a loaf.
  2. Then grind them into crumbs.
  3. Both white breadcrumbs and soaked pulp can be added to cutlets.
  4. Combine the minced meat, chopped onion, bread or bread, salt, pepper, pour in ice water and mix.
  5. You have to knead the minced meat for a very long time.
  6. Then form elongated or round cutlets with a thickness of 1.5-2 cm, weighing 50, 75, 100 g, or simply with a mass and size according to the quantity you need and convenient placement in a baking dish.
  7. Bread chop blanks.
  8. Semi-finished cutlets can be frozen for later.
  9. Fry the cutlets in a pan on both sides until golden brown or until cooked through, about 10 minutes.
  10. Otherwise, put the fried cutlets on a greased baking sheet in a preheated oven and cook for about 20 minutes at 200°C.

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