Desserts that will surprise you. Coffeemania pastry chef Elena Shakaryan on trends in confectionery

less sugar

Today, not only world-famous confectioners, but also our guests are going to reduce the amount of sugar in desserts. That’s why we try to make sure that the desserts from the new collections have the least amount of sugar. I had to reconsider the amount in my old favorite desserts – and, if possible, reduce it. By eliminating sugar, we still need to create a stable dessert that retains its shape during transport and storage, so we use plant-based sugar substitutes. There are many of them, and each process has its own: we experiment with different types of sugars and their substitutes. For example, we use erythritol or stevia.

In some desserts we have completely eliminated white sugar, replacing it with cane and coconut sugar. For example, exotic panna cotta uses no sugar at all: it has a coconut base on coconut puree and an exotic mix on top – mango, passion fruit.

Only natural dyes

If a few years ago bright desserts were in fashion – orange, red and blue, now natural pastel shades are in trend. I do not use artificial colors of inedible bright colors – we stick to naturalness in both taste and appearance of the dessert. We use natural pigments and glazes on fruit puree. For example, our raspberry ice cream is not with coloring, but on natural raspberry puree, which is bright in itself, and the dessert itself complements its taste.

Dessert “Lock of Love”

For Valentine’s Day this year, we had the dessert Love Lock, in which we used six textures of strawberries: puree, mousse, biscuit, coulis, cream and glaze. This is a vivid example of how you can make a dessert without paint, but at the same time very bright. Coconut charcoal is responsible for gray desserts and vegetable charcoal is responsible for black desserts. Lilac can be obtained from a mixture of blueberry, raspberry and blackcurrant puree.

There are also “inedible” colors. For example, I try to avoid blue, even if it is achieved with natural dyes. Green also depends on the shade. For example, light lime, yellow-green – it’s appetizing. We gave this color to the summer dessert “Apple-lime” with the help of freeze-dried grass juice.

black collection

Keto and healthy lifestyle desserts

We also have a green line – healthy lifestyle desserts and vegan desserts: coconut panna cotta, Mo Ga with raspberry mousse and blackcurrant, vegan version of Sacher (chocolate cream, orange-apricot coulis and chocolate biscuit on carob instead of chocolate). In them we have replaced animal fats with vegetable ones: olive, grapes, coconut and cocoa butter, we do not have palm oil. Such a dessert can be eaten not only by a person who lives a vegetarian lifestyle, but also by people without restrictions. We have also reduced the fat content in our hit desserts, which have remained unchanged for many years – these are sugar, krakatuk, panna cotta, rake (newcomer hit).

There will also be trendy keto desserts – this year’s summer and spring lines will be low-calorie, very light, natural. For example, keto cheese cake is a thin coconut base, cream cheesecake topped with berries.

Mo Ga Vegan Dessert

Gluten free

We also experiment with different types of flour, we exclude gluten, because this request comes from many guests. In the dessert for March 8, we replaced the regular flour with coconut flour with coconut flakes. We also use coconut and almond flour, we make our own fly from nuts. So there will soon be a lentil menu and there will be a very delicious gluten-free pecan pie made from pecan flour.

Of course, we do not aim to completely avoid the use of flour – we try to be relevant for everyone: we have both classics and a green line for people with some restrictions, someone does not eat lactose or follows a vegetarian lifestyle, and someone want to reduce calories.

Dessert “Lady” gluten free


When developing desserts, the seasonal situation must be taken into account. In winter and autumn, desserts are more satisfying, with chocolate, and in spring and summer they are as light as possible, with fruit flavors.

We start developing each seasonal menu six months in advance, this is a very large-scale process: first you have to develop a dessert, approve (all desserts are approved only by the CEO of Coffeemania Igor Zhuravlev), draw up his technological card, and buy products in large volumes. Then we have to train the staff so that the waiters understand this taste. And only then we enter it in the menu.

Winter dessert collection

Minimal decor

During my work, since 2004, absolutely everything has changed in the candy business – just heaven and earth. The approach to both the inner world of the dessert and its visualization has changed. Now it is high candy art, with a minimum of decor. In summer and spring desserts, everything is short, the maximum is a piece of fruit or something that reveals the inner world of the dessert. Enliven desserts, especially summer, green edible leaves, such as sunflower sprouts. But there are also themed offers for certain holidays – New Year, March 8, and to reveal the theme, you need the appropriate decor.

As for the shape of desserts, more fluid, round, streamlined shapes are more acceptable than pointed ones. This creates a more delicate texture – it is impossible to make a mousse cake angular.

Dessert “Snowman”

Maximum Joy

People love desserts and order them through because it is an emotional thing. Even if a person is on a diet, he needs something to treat himself or stimulate himself. That’s why we try to make desserts and cakes to order healthier.

Most often, at the end of the main meal, the guest orders a drink and dessert. We usually remember what happened at the beginning and what happened at the end. So here dessert is what ended it all. How good it will be as a final point depends on how much you will remember in the evening.

Dessert “Sakura”

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