Honeycake in a pan: the fastest recipe for a delicious cake for breakfast

What could be better than fragrant and delicious pastries for breakfast? Medovik is one of the most favorite cakes of many Ukrainians. It is traditionally baked in the oven, but an ordinary frying pan can also be used.

Most desserts are quite difficult and time consuming to make. For some, special skills are required – and the process ceases to be relaxed and creative. But you can simplify your life and choose these recipes that do not require much time. There is an easy way to make a honeycomb – right in the pan.

You will need these ingredients:

  • 350 g of flour;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 130 g of butter;
  • 100 g of honey;
  • 1 teaspoon soda;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • 500 ml sugar 20-25%;
  • 5 art. l. powdered sugar

First, take the butter and put it in a bowl. Add eggs, salt, honey. Place the container in a water bath and heat until the butter melts. Stir the mixture and add soda.

When the egg mass begins to foam, add 200 g of flour, previously sifted through a sieve. Stir and remove from heat and let cool for five minutes. Add the remaining flour and knead the dough. It should not be too tight or liquid, but soft, of a uniform consistency.

Sprinkle the work surface with flour, put the dough on it and divide it into several equal parts. You should get about 6-8 cakes.

Roll each piece into a ball the size of your pan and fry until golden brown. Cut the cakes into the desired shape while they are warm. Grind the trimmings into crumbs – and fry until golden brown.

Honeycake in a pan: the fastest recipe for a delicious cake for breakfast

The cream is prepared simply: sour cream must be combined with powdered sugar and mixed with a spoon.

Each cake should be smeared with cream, and sprinkled with crumbs from the scraps on the top and sides. Place the honeycomb in the refrigerator for about four hours to soak well. Enjoy your meal!

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