How not to overeat on the New Year – 6 New Year’s life hacks from a nutritionist

How not to overeat on New Year’s Eve, even if you really want to?

Rimma Dondukovskaya

Rimma Dondukovskaya

How not to overeat on New Year's Eve?

Refusing goodies is optional, but you must remember a few rules.

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<p class=What to do not to eat too much at a gala dinner? How not to overeat on New Year’s Eve?

In just a few days we will celebrate the New Year: someone at home, with family, someone with friends in a restaurant, and someone with their soulmate on the ocean. But one thing will unite everyone – the New Year’s table, an abundance of delicious dishes and drinks. How to avoid overeating on New Year’s Eve, at what point to stop and how to prepare for the “belly holiday”?

Don’t give yourself the “not too much” mindset

And for this:

  • do not cook or buy more than 1-2 salads dressed with mayonnaise on the festive table;
  • Do not cook a side dish of carbohydrates – for example potatoes, rice – and do not cook dishes filled with them;
  • do not make sandwiches, maximum – canapes;
  • do not buy cakes, pastries and sweets for tea – usually it does not come to tea.


Prepare the holiday menu in advance

  • Prepare mostly salads dressed with vegetable oil or salad dressing (lemon juice, grape vinegar, mustard, etc.). Put a lot of spicy greens on the table (cilantro, dill, green onions, parsley, etc.).
  • Instead of sandwiches, make a plate with slices of cheese, seafood, deli meat (cooked tongue, baked meat, chicken roll, etc.), canapes (look for recipes without bread, for example, mozzarella / tomato / basil).
  • Don’t put a plate of sliced ​​bread on the table. If you don’t remember, the guests usually don’t ask. Why eat bread when there is so much delicious food on the table.
  • As a main course, all kinds of meat, poultry, fish and seafood.
  • Garnish with vegetables or legumes (such as grilled vegetables, roasted cauliflower, lobio, etc.).
  • Instead of unusual sweets, make a fruit dessert with nuts, chocolate, fruit salad, etc.

Follow a few rules of the right party

  • Drink water without restrictions 25-30 minutes before the party.
  • Before the first toast, put on a plate options for cuts, appetizers, canapes and a salad not dressed with mayonnaise, and lots and lots of spicy greens.
  • For the next 2-3 toasts, keep the same “set”: all kinds of cuts and snacks without bread and salads without mayonnaise.


After 2-3 toasts you should take a break (dance, quiz, walk, clean the table or any other movement),

  • Then you can start warm. There is no need to limit yourself here.
  • Only after that try the salad dressed with mayonnaise, if you want.
  • Do not forget about activities – do not sit at the table without movement.

How much can you “stand”?

Even if you follow the right nutrition, you can “party” all night – just listen to your own body. Put it on the cheat meal.


And what about alcohol?

It is not necessary to give up alcohol completely. But it is better not to choose strong alcoholic drinks, but wine. Drinking strong alcohol inevitably makes you forget about the promises you made to yourself – in this case it becomes much easier to eat.

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