How to make burgers at home: recipes for cutlets, sauces and cooking tips

Spoiler-free: Chefs’ 5 secrets to the perfect burger

1. We recommend toasting the bread so they don’t absorb too much sauce. The soft crumb enhances the taste of the finished hamburger, and takes away the juiciness.

2. Dry patty = dry burger. That’s why it’s important that the burger patty doesn’t only contain lean meat: you can increase the fat content by mixing two different types of meat, adding bacon or bacon to the minced meat. Finely chopped vegetables (eg sun-dried tomatoes and onions), pomegranate seeds and fresh herbs also add juiciness to the minced meat. Fry the cutlet first on a fairly high heat, so that a crust forms on the outside, which seals the meat juice inside. Also, to correct the situation, if the cutlet turned out to be too dry, you can bake a piece of bacon or two.

3. Vegetables for a burger should be juicy, not mushy. It will not work to hide their imperfections by “wrapping” between the halves of a bun and “laying” a cutlet – they will affect the taste. If the tomato is not ripe, you will definitely feel it at the first bite.

4. Using only mayonnaise for the sauce is not a good solution. We advise you to pay attention to toppings with more versatile flavors, which include light herbs. Or make your own unique sauce – after all, it is often the main secret of a delicious burger! Here, as with the Caesar salad – it was the unique dressing that turned it into a cult salad.

5. Burgers should be eaten piping hot! Of course, prepared in advance, you can replace ordinary sandwiches on the road, this is a great solution. But if you want to get 100% taste and experience from it, it is important that the patty is still warm, and the flavors of the layers do not have time to “marry” before they reach your mouth.

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