How to teach your child to eat fresh vegetables and fruits: 5 tips for parents |

Vegetables will look especially appetizing if you cut them – chop them into shapes. Who refuses to eat a cucumber frog or a radish bud?

“Children are estheticians. It is important for them how the dish is decorated, – adds Marina Myasnikova. -To generate interest, make together vegetable skewers, a pepper train, or put a funny face on a plate.

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Pepper toy recipe. Cut the side of the sweet pepper, remove the seeds and fill the boat with cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes. From circles of roots, build wheels for the cart. It turns out an edible toy.

A drop of imagination, a little patience, and the child will start eating right after you. It is important that there is a reliable and trusted assistant nearby. Lenta offers a wide range of fresh herbs, juicy vegetables and fruit throughout the year. Plus savings on every purchase.

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