Kendall Jenner shocked viewers with her cucumber cut style

A short episode in the new reality series The Kardashians, released on May 12, quickly went viral online.

In the video, the 26-year-old model, rich and socialite Kendall Jenner tries to cook something for her mother Chris and is taken to cut a cucumber. It would seem that what could go wrong? But the girl picked up the oblong vegetable and the knife in such a way that even her mother became nervous. It can be seen that the heir of the star family never cooks outside the cameras.

Kris Jenner suggested that the family chef prepare appetizers for her, but Kendall insisted that she do it herself. After all, cutting a cucumber is “very simple.”

Portal E! News writes that after the release of the episode on the stream, users of social media could not resist making funny comments against the young star. Someone even tried to replicate her TikTok cutting method.

This is the time to write: “Don’t try this at home! The trick was done by a professional.

The publication quotes some comments from viewers of the show:

  • “She says, ‘It’s quite simple,’ and then it cuts in the weirdest way”;
  • “Okay, but why doesn’t Chris tell them how to cut?!”;
  • “I assumed they weren’t good at ordinary things. But is it really that bad?!”;
  • “Every time you feel like you’re doing something wrong, watch Kendall Jenner cut a cucumber.”

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