Komarovsky named the most dangerous culinary mistakes

What mistakes should be avoided

Try products

The most common mistake of every hostess is to try all the products. Especially the habit of trying, for example, a raw semi-processed product for the amount of salt and spices, is particularly dangerous, and even more dangerous – trying food to determine whether it has gone bad or not.

Many women also try dough with raw eggs. However, do not forget that raw eggs can be a source of salmonellosis. Therefore, such a bad habit must be abandoned.

With one surface to cut all products

Komarovsky says that the raw meat board should not be used for anything else. The kitchen should have separate boards for meat and fish, vegetables and prepared food. In addition, raw and finished products must not come into contact with each other.

“Contact can occur even if you handled raw meat and did not wash your hands afterwards, but immediately grabbed a piece of bread, or if raw and cooked food are on the same shelf in the refrigerator,” says the doctor.

Defrosting food

Another common culinary mistake is made when defrosting food. Usually this is done at a temperature of + 25-30 degrees for 5-6 hours. But with such defrosting, one piece of the product can remain cold, and bacteria will even begin to multiply in the second.

Therefore, you must thaw food in cold water or in a special microwave mode, or in the refrigerator.

Wash meat under running water

This common habit of housewives is very harmful. The bacterium campylobacteriosis lives in the intestines of almost all poultry. However, it dies easily under the influence of high temperatures, that is, with a good heat treatment.

Komarovsky says that at the same time 280,000 cases of intestinal infections associated with campylobacteriosis are recorded in the UK each year, and about 100 people die. The most common clinical symptoms of this infection are diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, headache, nausea and/or vomiting.

It enters the body in the process of washing chicken meat under running water, during which splashes spread throughout the kitchen and remain on hands and clothes, which can lead to infection with this infection. Therefore, raw meat is only enough to be thermally processed during cooking.

Cooling food

Usually people don’t put hot food in the fridge because it can cause it to break down. People let the dish cool for 8-10 hours at room temperature, risking the development of a large number of microbes in it.

To avoid this, you need to cool the dish quickly, and this can even be done under cold water.

Evgeny Komarovsky mentioned two basic rules for cooling finished products:

  • At an ambient temperature of up to 30 degrees, the dish must be cooled for a maximum of 2 hours;
  • If the temperature is above 30 degrees – maximum one hour.

Marinating meat at room temperature

Every man considers himself an expert in the proper pickling of meat, because he has his own special recipe. However, mayonnaise is often added to the marinade and marinated at room temperature.

After eating the finished product, people notice that they have problems with digestion. It is a mistake to marinate meat at room temperature

Savings on washcloths

Komarovsky said that the concentration of germs on kitchen cloths is 100 times higher than on toilets in public toilets.

“Therefore, dear housewives, here is some great advice for you: if you cannot part with your favorite cloth, put it on a plate and put it in the microwave for at least one minute. This will sterilize a possible source of infection”, advised the doctor.

hand washing

The expert noted that at every stage of cooking, the hostess must wash her hands before and after.

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