Meat zrazy with juicy filling: how salty the minced meat is and why flour is needed

How much salt is needed per 1 kg of minced meat and why it is better not to salt it, why there is flour in minced meat, and also find out the recipe for the same chicken zrazy with juicy stuffing at UNIAN.

Why you can not salt the minced meat, why there is flour in cutlets and how to cook the most delicious zrazy with meat /

Zrazy is tasty and tender, satisfying and low in calories (about 200 kcal for every hundred grams). This is a meat patty and a spreadable filling that melts in your mouth. Divine taste for the envy of all the neighbors. And a great choice for lunch and dinner, which can also be taken to work or to try at a communal table.

Prepare zrazy from minced meat, preferably low-fat varieties (mostly from beef, but you can also use chicken or turkey). Add inside both boiled eggs and vegetables, fried mushrooms or boiled grains. So zrazy is in a sense also a side dish unto itself.

If experienced housewives salt minced meat, why they add flour to cutlets and meatballs and how to cook the most delicious meat zrazy with an egg in 30 minutes – read on UNIAN.

Why can’t minced meat be salted?

We are used to the fact that the minced meat must be salted – in the ratio of 20 grams of salt (that’s about two teaspoons) for every kilo of minced meat. But here is a nuance. Experienced housewives have long used a little trick that ensures the softness and airiness of their chops.

Read tooHow to bring cutlets to perfect doneness: we reveal the main secret of a delicious dishIf you salt the minced meat directly, then the cutlets will be dry. Salt “glues” the meat protein, causing the meat juice to come out, and the fibers themselves become stiff. The result is dry cutlets with hard lumps inside.

Experienced housewives do not salt minced meat – but already formed cutlets, and just before going to a hot frying pan. I salted it – sent it to the pan – turned it after a few minutes. In this case, the salt will help to form a beautiful golden crust, and the “inside” of the cutlets will remain juicy and tender.

You don’t have to worry about under-salting such cutlets: salt on the surface is enough to give the dish the desired balanced taste.

Why is flour added to minced meat?

Let us clarify that not only flour is added to the minced meat – a loaf can be added instead of flour, and semolina. And the reason for adding such an ingredient is almost the same as above (in the section with salt) – to make the dish more juicy (due to the flour, the juice remains in the cutlet) and therefore tender.

The most important thing here is to maintain the exact proportions: a few tablespoons – per pound of minced meat.

If you have overdone it with flour, you can add a few tablespoons of milk and a tablespoon of ghee.

Meat zrazy with egg: a simple recipe for a healthy diet

You need:

  • mixed chicken – 800 g;
  • whole wheat flour – 60 g;
  • 3 eggs;
  • any hard cheese – 70 g;
  • butter – 20 g;
  • sour cream (15% fat is enough) – 1 tbsp. l;
  • salt (if you decide to salt the minced meat yourself, then a teaspoon for each pound of meat), herbs to taste.

How to cook:

  1. Mix chicken meat, spices, flour and one of the eggs.
  2. The remaining two eggs must be boiled and grated – they will go to the filling.
  3. For the filling, mix the eggs well with grated cheese, sugar and melted butter.
  4. We form cutlets, add one teaspoon of the filling in each.
  5. Fry the cutlets in a dry frying pan for a few minutes – until golden brown. Then we send the zrazy to a baking sheet and cover with foil (to make it super juicy). Bake in the oven: the temperature is not very high – 180 degrees, the time is about 25-30 minutes.

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