Minced meat dishes

We often talk a lot about the best cuts of meat, but still we often prefer chops or mincemeat dishes at home, especially beef or chicken. Let’s take a few steps on the path of the great science of cooking minced meat dishes. And let’s start with a selection of thematic recipes.

When we talk about minced meat dishes, we cannot miss to mention the hamburger. There are many components that make a tasty hamburger, but the most important, even so – The title component is precisely the meat. Many parameters affect the quality of the minced meat. Start from the size of the “grains” (pieces), the composition of the fat and end with the methods to mix or beat it.

As you know, meat has a lot of muscle fibers separated by connective tissue plus some fat. If you want to eat raw meat, there should be a little fat. And if we make a dish with heat treatment of meat, then it is better that there is more of it. Muscle fibers are long and quite strong (stable), so their grinding reduces this resistance. In what size “grains” should be ground? This of course depends on the meat grinder or other household appliances we use. Even by hand, meat can be chopped in completely different ways. Large pieces in mixed meat guarantee the preservation of the original taste of meat and you can enjoy its texture. If the “grinding” is too fine, then we risk making a dish with a lack of meat flavor. Often, store-bought minced meat is just fine with a fine, smooth texture. This is done to disguise the quality of the meat or the “origin” of the parts used for minced meat. So pay attention to this when buying! High-quality beef can be determined visually – by the size of the “grains”.

When grinding meat, proteins are released, which are good for “fixing” pieces of minced meat. Therefore, salt only when the meat dish – meatballs or cutlets – is formed. ​​​​If you add this spice to the minced meat, a meatball or cutlet may simply fall apart during cooking. Or you can simply add a harmonious salty neighbor to the meat dish, as in the case of a hamburger, for example olives or tapenade, pickles, or simply salt the side dish. Then salt is completely unnecessary for the meat dish.

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