Movie Dessert Recipes: Twin Peaks Pie, Friends Cheesecake, Amélie Creme Brulee

Let’s look at the movie from a different perspective. Not only to appreciate the wonderful play of actors or costumes, but also to see what they eat. Some movie desserts have become iconic and off-screen favorites. Weekends are a good excuse to cook something delicious.

Cherry Pie from Twin Peaks

As you know, the way to the heart is through the stomach. Special Agent Dale Cooper was a big fan of the cherry pie served at the Double R Cafe. There is nothing mysterious and mystical in the cake itself, unlike Twin Peaks itself. In fact, this is a classic American pie with a shortcrust pastry base. A few months before the release of the new season of the series, Kyle MacLachlan recorded a video where he cooks the famous cake for God’s Love We Deliver NYC. Take a hint from Agent Cooper, and the recipe in Russian can be found here.

Cheesecake from Friends

In one episode, a cheesecake was delivered to Monica’s apartment by mistake. It was so delicious and juicy that Chandler and Rachel decided to order two. Well, then maybe you remember what happened to him. In the show, the friends ate a classic New York cheesecake with a shortcrust pastry base and a mascarpone cheese filling. In the harsh Russian realities, mascarpone cheese can be safely replaced with ordinary cottage cheese. One of the best recipes can be found on Andy Chef’s blog, which is most adapted to Russian products.

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