Okroshka with horseradish and homemade kvass: the most delicious recipes for summer 2022

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The fresh vegetables and herbs go to okroshka. Green onions, parsley, dill and lettuce (if there are other green herbs, you can add them), rinse and finely chop, add 4 to 6 boiled eggs, diced sausage and 1-2 fresh cucumbers. Boiled “in uniform” (that is, not peeled) potatoes, peel and also cut into cubes. To mix everything.

Furthermore, you can add to the base to taste: tan, mineral water with vinegar, kefir, homemade or store kvass. When buying store kvass, you should be prepared for the fact that okroshka will turn out to be sweet. We must not forget about sugar or mayonnaise (as you like) and salt. Many people also like tomatoes, but tomatoes are not used in the classic okroshka.

Grandma’s okroshka

This is a somewhat unusual recipe, but it turns out very tasty and satisfying. All available greens are finely chopped, poured into a large pot and a little salt. You should let it stand for about half an hour. Greens will give juice.

Then boiled eggs are added to the pan, whole can be, and the whole mass is pounded with an ordinary potato masher. It turns out a juicy semi-liquid mass. Here in the future you need to add a cucumber, grated on a coarse grater, and sausage. You can cut it into small cubes, but it is also better to rub it. Pour everything over with kvass and let it cool in the refrigerator.

Cook the potatoes separately and mash with the addition of butter or fry with mushrooms and onions.

Potatoes are served hot on the table and separately from okroshka. This combination is very tasty and nutritious. If you feel hungry again very quickly after the usual okroshka, then you feel after a nutritious dinner.

Okroshka with horseradish

You can choose one of the recipes described above, adding only grated or better horseradish root through a meat grinder to the general preparation. In this case, it is better not to be zealous and just put the ground horseradish on the table, so that everyone can add to taste.

What else can be added to okroshka

In spring and early summer, fresh nettles are a wonderful ingredient for okroshka. You must collect it until the nettle sprouts are no higher than 10-15 centimeters above the ground. At this time, she does not touch her hands and is very delicate in taste, if she pours boiling water.

Sorrel recipes - from soup to scrambled eggs

Nettle sprouts must be collected, pour boiling water for five minutes. Then turn the water, cut the sprouts and add to the greens.

Okroshka is very tasty if you add sorrel to it. It gives sourness to the whole dish, so it is better not to add sour kvass to such okroshka. It is better to pour boiling water over sorrel, it becomes tastier, more sour and softer.

How to make homemade kvass for okroshka

The taste of okroshka depends on the taste of kvass by 50%. The store sells okroshka kvass, but even it looks more like lemonade, okroshka is sweet. In addition, such kvass is too heavily carbonated – stomach problems can occur. But every housewife can make homemade kvass, but this will take time. If you want okroshka tomorrow, this option will not work. Homemade kvass is prepared very simply, but for a very long time, especially if you want it now.

In a two-liter jar you need two tablespoons of store-bought dry kvass, two of the same spoons of sugar and a pinch of dry yeast. Pour everything with two glasses of warm water and put in a warm place for a day. After a day, turn the liquid, and add two tablespoons of kvass and two tablespoons of sugar to the sediment. But already pours four glasses of water.

And you have to do this every day until the pot is full of water. In the future, kvass will be infused for a day or two and it can be added to okroshka. Very sharp kvass is obtained if you add five to ten pieces of raisins. In this case there is a special sharpness of the drink.

Okroshka is a very versatile dish, you can add anything that is in the house. It is important to remember that you have to cut the ingredients very finely. If okroshka is cooked for 2-3 days, it is better not to fill the cut with everything, but store it in the refrigerator in the form of an undressed salad, and add kvass before serving.

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