Panna cotta with different flavors – recipe by Liza Glinskaya

The Ukrainian pastry chef Lisa Glinskaya, who shared a recipe for light Christmas cakes, told how to cook delicious panna cotta desserts.

On Instagram, the chef gave a list of necessary products for delicacies and a step-by-step recipe for making desserts with different flavors.

Panna cotta

Blueberry panna cotta:
100 g of white chocolate
150 g blueberry puree (pitted and peeled).
350 ml cream (20% to 35% fat).
8 g gelatin + 40 ml water
Blueberry Coolie:
100 g blueberry puree
30 g powdered sugar

Blueberry puree can be replaced with raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant puree. You can use frozen berry puree

Berry panna cotta:
150 ml of milk
350 ml cream (of 20% fat).
100 g of white chocolate
vanilla bean
10 g gelatin + 50 ml water

Berry filling:
100 g raspberry puree
100 g currant puree
20 g cornstarch
40 g powdered sugar

Coffee panna cotta:
1 layer:
200 ml coffee (americano).
30 grams of sugar
4 g gelatin + 20 ml water

Coffee panna cotta:
2 layer:
500 ml cream (15%).
50 g of sugar
40 gr coffee beans
100 ml of milk
12 g gelatin + 60 ml water

Chocolate panna cotta with raspberries
Calculation for 6 servings (200 ml each).
Chocolate Panna Cotta:
300 ml of milk
200 ml cream (at least 30% fat).
5 g gelatin + 30 ml water*
100 g milk chocolate

Raspberry jelly:
300 gr raspberries with pit
30 grams of sugar
8 g gelatin + 48 ml water

fresh raspberries

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