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The New Year is coming soon, and almost every housewife is thinking about how to surprise guests with a delicacy. Of course, many will eat the traditional “Herring under a fur coat” and “Olivier”. But the original beginning of the year will be dishes of oriental or European cuisine. Moreover, cooking them is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Newslab says you can serve up the unusual for dinner with a simple set of products in your arsenal.


“Fried Bananas Are Not Just Dessert”

Fried bananas are one of the most popular Asian delicacies. All over the world there are many interpretations of this dish – from the simplest to the most sophisticated with cheese. For desserts, it is better to choose fruits that are not overripe, in which there is less sugar and more starch – so that they do not fall apart. Dessert will be an excellent substitute for a cake or bought sweets.


  • 3 bananas;
  • 30 ml Achim soy sauce;
  • 100 g of honey;
  • 10 g of fresh mint;
  • 30 gr coconut flakes.


  1. Bananas should be cut in half, and then lengthwise to make sticks
  2. Now we will prepare the sauce in which we will fry the bananas. To do this, first pour honey into a preheated pan, and then Achim soy sauce. By the way, “Achim” is produced in South Korea by natural fermentation and is perfect for followers of good nutrition.
  3. Lightly stirring, the sauce of honey and “Achima” should be baked a little.
  4. Then add the coconut flakes to the sauce and fry again a little.
  5. Then add banana pieces to the resulting mass and fry to maintain the integrity of the banana pieces.
  6. The dish is best served hot. You can decorate the top with coconut flakes.

“Salmon carpaccio – delicious and spicy”

Traditionally, carpaccio is made from beef tenderloin seasoned with olive oil and lemon. But over time, this appetizer began to be made from fish, deer, etc. The dish was “invented” in 1950 by the owner of the iconic Harry’s Bar in Venice Giuseppe Cipriani and is named after Vittore Carpaccio, a Renaissance painter.

We offer to make salmon carpaccio – a more “eastern” version of the famous dish.


  • 150 g of salmon;
  • canned peach;
  • 1 pc avocado;
  • 1 tbsp Achim classic soy sauce;
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce “Achim with pepper”;
  • 1 tbsp sugar;
  • 20 g parmesan;
  • slice of lemon;
  • allspice.


  1. Peel the avocado and cut some into cubes and some into slices
  2. We do the same with canned peaches – cut some into cubes, and some into slices
  3. Place the diced avocado and peach in a bowl. Sprinkle Achim with Pepper soy sauce on top. The sauce has a good price-quality ratio, so it is very profitable to use it in such dishes.
  4. Mix the avocado and peach with the sauce.
  5. Next, cut the parmesan into thin slices. It is better to choose this particular variety, because it has a hardness and a different aroma.
  6. Cut a little frozen salmon into thin slices. It is better to cool the fish beforehand, so that it lends itself better to cutting.

7. Spread the salmon on a plate, sprinkle with lemon juice, sprinkle with a little sugar and pour over the classic Achim sauce – one tablespoon is enough

8. Put the cut on the fish and sprinkle with allspice.


By the way, the Achim brand has dried seaweed in its assortment. This is a product rich in vitamins, minerals and microelements, which does not lose its beneficial properties when it dries. it can be added to a variety of dishes – first and second. In addition, seaweed will be a good substitute for the usual snacks.

Bon appetit and happy new year!

Internet newspaper ┬źNewslab,
photos courtesy of Heechang

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