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We are used to the fact that kebab is a meat dish. In a broad sense, this meat is cooked on a skewer. In a closer sense, kebab, or its variety – kebab, is called mixed meat, or mixed meat cooked on a skewer.

In general, it is not so difficult to cook a good kebab, but it is important to resist a few nuances. This is the right choice of meat, grinding, kneading and beating minced meat and rest it. In general, even slightly different skewers are better to find, wider. But I will tell you about kebab another time. Today there will be a recipe for fish kebab.

How did we decide to take such a step? Well, first I was inspired by an Armenian dish from the high mountain lake Sevan – the famous kebab of local lobsters, or rather lobster necks. And secondly, we in Bessarabia love fish. Yes, and since childhood, my mother cooked fish cakes or stuffed fish. In our southern region there are many rivers, streams, ponds and lakes. It all requires you to love fish. There are many. She is different. And for this dish, carp, carp, grass carp or silver carp are suitable. In general, what will be, so be it. The most important thing is that you need a fillet, so the fish must be bigger.

And here is the recipe itself. The composition is simple.

  • 600 g local fish fillet
  • 4 eggs (1 egg and 3 yolks)
  • 3 medium onions, or 250g
  • 50-80 g of butter
  • 1 pc. l. vegetable oil
  • a little green dill or parsley
  • salt, pepper, a piece of sugar

For serving – a variety of greens – parsley, dill, mint, cilantro. Sweet tie. Tomato sauce with local tomatoes.

Step 1

Choosing a fish fillet is quite simple – if you buy at the market, ask to cut a large fish from the window. It is desirable to see their eyes, gills and understand freshness. If you make the fillet yourself, make sure it contains a minimum of bones. Fish fillet should be cut into small pieces (2-3 cm), remove all bones and skin. Then salt a little and leave in the refrigerator for half an hour. You will be able to handle the next step.

Photo: Andrey Velichko’s Facebook

Step 2

Let’s prepare the bow. It should be cut into small cubes (5 mm) and fried for a long time and slowly in butter. Fry on a very slow fire. Or rather, not even fry, but stew. If there is not enough butter, add more. Or add some vegetable oil. And yes, don’t forget salt, add a pinch of sugar and a little black pepper. We cook the onion for a long time, constantly stirring. About half an hour. The most important thing is to get a well fried golden onion in butter. Important – the color is not blue, not green or brown, not too light. Namely caramel-golden. This onion has great flavor. And it will be suitable for an appetizer if you add it with cheese and balsamic vinegar. But we make kebabs. When the bow is ready, move on to the next step.

Step 3

Grind the fish in a meat mincer with a medium grate. After that we grind again, for the second time, already with onion and butter, in which it was stuck. Now you can add eggs, yolk, finely chopped greens to taste. Mix well and beat the minced meat. The more actively you mix, the stronger our future kebab will turn out. And at the most crucial moment, the filling will stick, and not fall apart. That’s why you have to “knock it out”. Now you can add salt, black pepper and, if you want, a pinch of peace. Let’s go to the next step – cooking kebab! But to know if there is enough salt, I recommend quickly frying a test cutlet – so you know what to taste.

Step 4

How will we cook? The most traditional and at the same time rather complicated option is to fry over an open fire on a skewer. An open fire in this case should be understood as a smoldering coal, and a wider skewer should be chosen so that the minced meat holds better. If you can cook this dish like this – you are a pro! The most important thing is that the minced meat should be well “knocked out”, kneaded and cooled.

But there is an easier option – we cook kebab in a pan. This option is closer to fish cakes, but what can you do. Just give the minced meat the shape of a kebab – the shape of sausages. In a hot pan with oil, fry on all sides until cooked through. But my advice – try the same, if possible, cook this kebab on fire. Of course, this dish will not become less popular than barbecue or corn on fire. Yes, and advice on how to replace the skewer – cook on the grill.

Step 5

With what? Best with fragrant herbs and sweet onions. In addition, the onion must be cut very thin. Well, fish kebab goes well with sweet tomato sauce, especially from boiled local tomatoes.

Photo: Andrey Velichko’s Facebook

Bon appetit!

Andrey Velichko – one of the few chefs in Ukraine who received a culinary education at the Paul Bocuse Institute, the creator of the “new French cuisine”.

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