Recipes for harvesting dill – simple and effective

Few things make a hostess happy in winter like the smell of summer herbs while cooking. Dill is practically a national Ukrainian herb, which gives every dish an appetizing aroma and unique taste. Wherever they put it! And in vegetable and meat salads, and in soups with borscht, and in pies with pies, in sauces and marinades. Almost all dishes are sprinkled with them, well, except maybe for desserts.


We harvest dill in summer or early autumn, when it appears in large quantities on the market. We buy bunches of fragrant herbs, wash them, shake off the water, cut them with a sharp knife and lay them in a thin layer for drying. Be sure to stir and try not to get direct sunlight. We put the ready dried dill in a tin and enjoy it all winter.


It is also an easy way. Fresh branches washed and dry finely chopped. We leave it on the table for a while to wilt a little. Then mix with salt. Approximate proportion: 1 kg of dill / 200 g of salt. Wash the pots well with warm water and soda and dry well. Fill the salted dill tightly in them, close with plastic lids and store in the refrigerator or cellar.

The most important thing is that in the winter, when cooking, do not forget that dill is salty and you should carefully add it to food so as not to overdo it.


We do everything the same way: wash, shake off the water, cut, put in plastic containers and put in the freezer. And in winter we get the perfect taste of fresh dill.

In the same way, you can harvest parsley or, for example, celery.

We remind you about preparing food for the future, which will help every mother of the family not to stand by the stove every day, but to use the available “blanks”.

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