Recipes for mini-snacks for a buffet table. What appetizers to choose for a buffet. Buffet is the actual party format for any event

Buffet is the actual party format for any event. At such events, an unobtrusive atmosphere usually prevails, and guests spend time in pleasant communication. However, the buffet is not only famous for this: one of the main trump cards of the event is delicious food. Typically parties of this size serve small snacks and light drinks. We offer you to get acquainted with the recipes of delicious dishes for a buffet table. Don’t want to cook for yourself? You can order catering in Kiev, where everything will be done for you in the best way.

Recipes for mini-snacks for a buffet table.  What appetizers to choose for a buffet.  Buffet is a real party format for any event, photo-1

What appetizers to choose for a buffet

So, what is usually served at the buffet table? As a rule, these are small dishes for 1-2 bites. At a party of this size, you will not find soups and other liquid dishes, and hot dishes are rarely served. The exception is weddings or wedding anniversaries, children’s or adults’ birthdays. The most important part of the banquet consists of all kinds of cold appetizers – not only tasty, but also beautiful. A sweet table is also often organized on the holiday.

What appetizers to choose for a buffet? Give preference to such dishes:

  • bruschetta and canapes;
  • rolls;
  • small pies or unsweetened profiteroles;
  • cutting meat, vegetables and cheese;
  • skewers on skewers.

For a sweet table choose small sweets, cakes, pieces of cake or cakes. Also take care of the bar, where they will serve not only soft drinks, but also hot – tea, coffee.

Recipes for mini-snacks for a buffet table.  What appetizers to choose for a buffet.  Buffet is a real party format for any event, photo-2

Mini snacks for a buffet table: recipes

There are a large number of recipes for appetizers for a buffet table. Think through the menu for a festive lunch or dinner, be sure to consider different options. Here are the most popular:


Bruschettas are small Italian sandwiches that have gained tremendous popularity. They are usually made from small pieces of toasted or oven-roasted baguette. The filling can be different. For example, rub garlic on toast and brush with olive oil. Then follow your favorite products in different combinations:

  • mozzarella, tomato and pesto sauce;
  • salmon, avocado and cucumber;
  • vegetables and chicken;
  • beets, herring and quail eggs;
  • figs and ricotta;
  • ham, olives and feta cheese.

There are many filling options – choose according to your taste. Add sauces if desired.

Recipes for mini-snacks for a buffet table.  What appetizers to choose for a buffet.  Buffet is a real party format for any event, photo-3


Canapes are mini sandwiches on skewers. They look very appetizing, decorate any holiday. For such snacks, bread and other products are cut into small cubes. Various combinations of products are used: usually it is meat, cheese and vegetable components.

These canapes look great and taste great:

  • bread, sausage, cheese, tomato, cucumber and olives;
  • cheese, pepper, olives;
  • chicken or ham, pineapple, cheese;
  • quail egg, pickled mushroom, cucumber;
  • salmon, cheese, egg;
  • grapes, smoked chicken, cheese.

Fruit canapés are also popular.

Tartlets or cheese sticks

Salads usually do not fit into the buffet concept. If you want to treat your guests to a gourmet dish, serve it in tartlets or cheese baskets. The first can be bought, and the second is worth working on. Grate cheese, put on a plate and melt. Then wrap the slightly cooled cheese circle around the glass, give it the desired shape and wait until it hardens.

You can put any salad in ready-made edible baskets or tartlets, for example:

  • with squid and cucumber;
  • chicken and mushrooms;
  • chicken, pineapple and tomatoes;
  • crab sticks and corn.

Tartlets can also be filled with cottage cheese and salmon, butter and caviar.


Another decoration of the buffet table is all kinds of roulettes. In summer or autumn, use eggplant or zucchini as a base. Cut vegetables into strips and fry. Place on paper towels to absorb excess oil. Then start with each filling, for example:

  • walnuts and spices;
  • tomatoes and soft cheese;
  • cheese and sun-dried tomatoes;
  • Korean carrots and melted cheese.

Try different combinations of products – completely unexpected options are always the tastiest!

You can also make all kinds of pita balls, and then cut them into pieces. The filling can be different – from exquisite salmon to a completely simple “Spark” salad.

You can find many more appetizer recipes – stuffed tomatoes or peppers, mini pies, egg rolls, herring rolls. Such dishes will decorate the buffet table and delight guests. However, keep in mind that preparing snacks on your own is a rather long and energy-intensive business, especially if there are many guests. Therefore, if you don’t mind your own kitchen, order ready meals from the catering service BOX. We promise – the food will be very tasty, and the delivery will be right on time!

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