Sweet traditions. 17 recipes of Ukrainian desserts

Cherry in dumplings and bagels is a traditional Ukrainian filling (Photo: eskstock@gmail.com / depositphotos.com)

Cooking traditional Ukrainian dishes is a great opportunity to remember your favorite tastes or celebrate your return home.

Although Italian and French dishes are usually called royal and classic desserts, Ukrainian cuisine also has many delicious desserts.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the sentence Ukrainian desserts” – dumplings with berries: blueberries or cherries. Although the dumplings themselves are not a Ukrainian invention, but a Turkish or Middle Eastern one, such dishes are not cooked anywhere specifically with berries. So dumplings with such a filling can rightly be are considered exclusively Ukrainian.

Also Andruta’s cake, also known as waffle cake with cherry filling, is a Ukrainian version of a traditional dessert with condensed milk.

Another classic Ukrainian dessert is pancakes filled with cottage cheese, which are also called pancakes. However, to make pancakes more festive, you can make a pancake with berries according to Lisa Glinskaya’s recipe.

In the season of apples, it is a sin not to use this fruit in baking:

If we turn to the Western Ukrainian culinary tradition, we will definitely find two dessert favorites: Lviv cheesecake and Galician plyatsok. Desserts are multi-process, but the result is really worth it.

Classic cheesecakes, by the way, can also be prepared according to the Ukrainian, or rather Kiev, recipe. In this version of cheesecakes, there is a filling of berries or jam inside.

Another dish that is not only associated with Ukrainian cuisine, but also with a set of grandmother’s favorite dishes is bagels. You can cook them according to an old recipe on lard or according to the recipe of Yevgeny Klopotenko, who calls bagels with the Ukrainian word kyfliki.

Also from others dishes for children, you can cook Ukrainian bagels with poppy seeds.

There are also two seasonal holiday desserts, which can be prepared at any time.

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