Sweets with home comfort, or How cakes and pastries are prepared by VkusVill

At the candy factory, they believe: “Everything new is well forgotten old.” However, they focus not only on Soviet recipes, but also closely follow global trends and developments in the confectionery business.

Is it so easy to adapt, for example, French recipes to Russian realities, Olga Kundilovskaya, production manager, told us:

“It was during the Soviet era that they did not go further than Sochi and Evpatoria. And now the world is open: we travel, try new things and bring the recipes we like. But repeating them is not easy. It fact is that the raw materials used will be different, and in other conditions it will behave in its own way. There are other nuances: you can follow the recipe, but no one will tell you the speed of whipping the cream, the temperature, the order of adding the ingredients and their percentage. Many works have been written about how certain ingredients behave under different conditions. Therefore, in our work, we practically delve into biochemistry, so that all the components “marry” in the dessert, and we get what we want.

We tried to produce European desserts, but customers always return to the classics: new-fashioned delicacies have a lifetime, moreover, fashion itself is cyclical, this also applies to cooking. And now desserts from the Soviet era have become popular again, pressing mousse cakes on a pedestal. Nostalgia for the Soviet past is in vogue. But an amazing fact: even young people who did not live in the Union and grew up on other desserts, boys who are now 20 years old, willingly eat our potatoes, nuts and honey cakes.

“It’s all genetic memory,” we joked back.

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