Tasty Kazan will present innovations at the gastrofest

On September 17 and 18, from 12:00 to 20:00, the most important gastronomic event of the year, the Tasty Kazan festival, will be held on the square in front of the Palace of Farmers in the capital of Tatarstan. 50 catering establishments will present their products to festival visitors. Guests of the festival can taste dishes and participate in master classes. For the first time, they have to choose the best Kazan dessert, watch the stand-up “Noodles cutter” and participate in the “Balesh show”, the director of the Kazan Tourism Development Committee said at a business Monday. Daria Sannikova.

“Cooks from Kazan and Moscow will share the best recipes of national cuisine at the Balesh Show. And guests will be able to taste traditional, at first glance, dishes, but each of them will be with a unique handwriting of the master . Sweet lovers are invited to taste a dessert. A popular vote is organized and the assessment of professional confectioners is taken into account. After we have tasted enough, we offer to pump up the abdominal muscles at the Noodle Cutter gastronomic stand-up show, a show in which young comedians share their humorous thoughts about food, family and life,” Sannikova said.

The program of the festival this year includes a large number of master classes by respected chefs and market chefs. So, for example, the chef of the restaurant Skazka Andrey Sakhovsky organizes master classes on cooking salad “Forests of Tatarstan” with roast beef, turnip and tartar with caramelized apples from gardeners of Tatarstan.

Several thematic zones will operate on the site – “Molochnaya Street”, “Cheese Lane”, “Meat Square”, “Sweet Avenue”, “PP District”. On each site, visitors can taste dishes and learn the best recipes and cooking secrets.

Also, the lecture hall “Ik selse” will work at the festival, and for the convenience of the guests, gastro navigation has been developed along thematic places. In addition, for the visitors of the festival, the artists of the Palace of Culture named after Said-Galiyev will present a performance about the legends of Kazan.

“The festival is held for the eighth time, but the goals are still the same: popularization of the Tatar national cuisine, development of a food culture, presentation of a wide variety of food formats, as well as a demonstration of the cordiality and hospitality of Kazan,” said Sannikova.

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