Tatyana Brukhunova told how she prepares the most New Year’s dessert

The wife of humorist Yevgeny Petrosyan told subscribers what she spoiled her family with for the New Year. Tatyana Brukhunova prepares a simple and delicious dessert.

“He doesn’t need words. Just know that this is the most New Year’s dessert of all the New Year’s desserts you will try! And he is wonderful! For this role we do not need flour or eggs, we need cookies, I have the simplest cookie – “Maria”, – shared Tatyana Brukhunova

You need: cookies – 350 grams, two bananas, two tablespoons of cocoa, 5% fat cottage cheese – 450 grams, 2-3 tablespoons of honey, tangerines.

Cooking: cookies will need to be ground into small crumbs. I made this with a blender. Can be crushed with a rolling pin. I did not grind the cookies in flour. I wanted to leave small pieces, they will look like a roll

Bananas should be chopped in a blender to a puree. You can replace the banana with fruit puree. Now add the banana puree to the cookies, add two tablespoons of cocoa and mix until smooth.

For cream Add honey to the cottage cheese and use an immersion blender to achieve a homogeneous state.

Put the resulting mass of cookies on a sheet of parchment paper, cover with a second sheet of paper and roll into a layer of approximately one centimeter thick. Align the edges so that you get a rectangle.

Spread with cream, put skilled mandarins in a row, they can be replaced by a banana or berries. Now carefully roll up the roll and put it in the fridge for fifteen minutes so that the cream hardens.

I poured the finished roll with melted chocolate, sprinkled with powdered sugar and decorated with berries. Slice and serve!

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