The best dessert will be chosen at Tasty Kazan and the Balesh Show will be held

The traditional gastro festival takes place on September 17 and 18 in the Palace of the Farmers.

On September 17 and 18, the Tasty Kazan gastrofestival will be held in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. Residents and guests of the city can taste dishes and participate in master classes. For the first time, they have to choose the best Kazan dessert, watch the Noodle Cutter stand-up and participate in the Balesh Show. For the convenience of the festival guests, gastro navigation through thematic places has been developed.

Master classes at the festival are held by leading chefs from Kazan and other cities of the country. Chefs Maxim Tarusin and Andrey Sakhovsky, as well as brand chef Matteo Lai, will share their experience with the guests of the holiday. At the lessons of invited experts, Kazanians will be able to learn how to cook pasta, salad “Forests of Tatarstan” with roast beef and turnips, and dessert – cake with caramelized apples.

During the Balesh Show, professional chefs from Kazan and Moscow will share the best recipes of national cuisine. Guests will be able to taste traditional dishes at first glance, but each one will be with a unique handwriting of the master.

The festival will be of interest not only to residents of the city, but also to representatives of the restaurant business. For them, lectures are given in the lecture hall “Ik selse” about attracting and retaining staff, cost management and new means of promotion. One of the speakers, Stanislav Slapoguzov, will talk about the experience of starting a culinary school.

For lovers of sweets, a dessert tasting will be organized at the festival. For the first time, the best will be chosen from the presented delicacies, which will be the dessert of the year. The winner is determined by professional confectioners and guests of the holiday.

Several thematic zones will unfold on the festival grounds – “Milk Street” (“Söt urami”), “Cheese Lane” (“Cheese Tykrygy”), “Meat Square” (“It Maidany”), “Sweet Avenue” (“Tatly” ) Prospekt”), “PP district” (“Dores tuklanu districts”). At each site, visitors can taste dishes, participate in a gastronomic quest and learn the best recipes and cooking secrets from Kazan chefs.

Also, 50 catering establishments will present their products to all participants in the gastrofest. For the convenience of the guests of the holiday, an audio guide for the festival is made, which can be listened to at the event.

The festival is held from 12:00 to 20:00, admission is free.

Tens of thousands of citizens and tourists visit Tasty Kazan every year. The main goal of the festival is to popularize the Tatar national cuisine, develop the culture of food and present a wide variety of menu formats, gastronomy and cuisine in the city. The festival contributes to the development of Kazan as the gastronomic capital of Russia.

Remember that last year more than 30 thousand people visited Tasty Kazan, and the know-how of the festival was the battle of Tatar grandmothers against chefs. Festival visitors were fed by around 60 catering establishments. Kazan citizens and guests of the city ate up to 10 tons of food and drank more than 2000 liters of drinks in two days.

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