The most delicious minced meat – what you need to add for a juicy recipe

The most delicious minced meat /

We decided to please our relatives with delicious dumplings, cutlets or cake pies, then we offer you a delicious filling of minced meat.

How to make the minced meat juicy and tasty? Every hostess asks this question. To make the minced meat perfect and not greasy, onions and carrots are added.

A light broth is also added to the minced meat. Especially such minced meat will be delicious for cutlets.

How to cook dumplings

In order for dumplings to turn out absolutely delicious, minced meat must be prepared in a variety of ways. For example: lamb-veal, veal-pork, chicken-turkey.

Do not use meat for minced meat with veins, film or skin.

Be sure to add onion to each filling. It is recommended to grate it on a fine grater or pass it through a meat mincer.

Minced dumplings will be ideal if you pass it through a meat mincer twice.

If you don’t have broth at hand, experienced housewives add crushed ice to the minced meat. Minced dumplings will be juicy and tasty.

How to cook minced meat for pies and cutlets

If for dumplings meat for minced meat is not taken with fat and film, then for cutlets and pies the meat should be a little fat.

Pork and veal are great for the recipe.

Meat for cutlets should be chosen with a small amount of fat, which is also passed through a meat grinder.

In mixed meat for cutlets, choose not bread, but white buns. Soak them in water or milk and pass them, after the minced meat, through a meat mincer.

Cutlets are very juicy.

You don’t need bread for mince pies, but you will need more onions and carrots.

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