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The last day of this year is working. This means that many women and some men are faced with the problem of how to set a full holiday table in just half a day. The most important thing in this matter is to spend the time well. Chefs from the capital shared with Moscow 24 tips on how to prepare in advance for cutting salads. She also shared recipes for simple and delicious dishes, the preparation of which will not take more than 20 minutes.

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You don’t have to do everything in one day

Many try to distribute New Year’s affairs in advance. Shopping, gifts, cleaning – all slowly. However, on December 30, traditionally large queues of shoppers with full baskets gather in all supermarkets. This means that for many the cooking process traditionally begins on the morning of December 31. But this year will be busy with work concerns (or small business meetings).

Tip 1

Make a complete list of everything you need for the holiday table, break it into two parts – perishable and durable products. And until Monday December 30try to buy everything from the first half of the list.

Leave perishable food on the penultimate day of the year. At the same time, think about a list of shops that you should check out. To avoid queues, you can opt for 24-hour supermarkets to shop and drop off late in the evening or at night (but keep in mind: there is a chance that some products will not be on the shelves then).

Tip 2

Cook the vegetables needed for salads – this is just right evening of December 30. Vegetables can easily be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours, chef Dmitry Novichkov is sure.

The most important thing is not to cool them with cold water after cooking. Let them cool on their own, then refrigerate in the same container they were bought in.

In addition, the chef suggested that some vegetables be baked in parallel in the oven to speed up the process. For this, for example, potatoes and carrots are well suited. “Want the vegetables ground, wrap them in foil and put them in the oven. The degree of readiness can be determined with a toothpick: if it goes easily, then the product is ready,” said Novichkov.

All baked vegetables should be cooled and immediately sent to the refrigerator without opening. “During baking, all microbes are killed, and the products are stored longer,” added the chef.

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Tip 3

You can also marinate the meat the day before. Here, by the way, there are also functions. Chefs do not recommend salting meat products in advance. “For example, they took steaks, cut them, put them in a deep container, peppered them, you can put a sprig or two of rosemary, garlic for taste. They put oil on top – better, of course, olive. And that’s all. Salt kills the taste of the meat itself, “- offered his way Novichkov.

According to him, you can salt the meat immediately before cooking. However, he does it himself at the end. “I don’t add spices during the cooking process. Spices are essential oils that disappear when heated. They cook the meat, sprinkle it with salt and spices, cover it with foil or a plate – that’s all. It will lie down and absorbing everything in the same way will only be more fragrant,” shared the chef’s experience.

Tip 4

Don’t be lazy: make all meat and fish cuts in advance. Put the products on beautiful festive plates and cover with food foil. On December 31, closer to midnight, all you have to do is take the dish out of the fridge and serve it to the table.

The fastest meals

Of course, you can’t prepare everything in advance. However, you can spend less time on December 31. You just need to choose the right recipes that do not require a lot of effort. Chefs of the capital shared their favorite dishes, the preparation of which will not take more than 20 minutes.

Salad with shrimps

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Chef Anatoly Kryukov chose an unusual but simple salad:

“First, cook pasta ptitim or bulgur for 12 minutes – until al dente. Then shrimp: you can take tiger or regular shrimp – any will do. We clean them and fry them in butter with the addition of cherry tomatoes, garlic, coriander and tangerines (take slices and cut shrimp fry very quickly, just a few minutes, and at the end we add white wine.

We spread the prawns with the resulting sauce on a plate, decorate with arugula on top, pour over with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt. At the end, sprinkle with ptitim or bulgur. And the salad is ready.

For four servings you will need:

  • shrimp – 160 grams
  • tangerines – two pieces
  • cherry tomatoes – 80 grams
  • garlic – one clove
  • cilantro – 20 grams
  • butter – 30 grams
  • ptitim or bulgur – 100 grams raw
New Year forshmak

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Chef Viktor Lobzin chose a recipe for a dish that he always associates with New Year’s celebrations:

“The recipe is impossibly simple. Take a bony herring, a hard green peeled apple, a medium-sized peeled onion and boiled eggs. Grind everything together in a meat grinder, and the order is not important. At the end add soft butter ( in consistency should it be like plasticine for children) Mix everything thoroughly. You can, by the way, add pepper to taste, but salt is not necessary: ​​the fish will do everything by itself. Then fry black Borodino bread and put the resulting minced meat into pieces. Here have you a great New Year’s snack.”

Grocery list:

  • herring – two pieces
  • green apple
  • bulb
  • butter – two to three tablespoons
  • bread as needed
Salad “From Irina Makova”

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Denis Perevoz, the chef of the capital’s restaurant, shared the recipe for the fastest, in his opinion, homemade salad:

“We take mushrooms, cut them and fry them together with onions. Then add garlic, herbs and a regular can of red beans in your own soup, which you can buy in any supermarket and shop. Then we send ready rye croutons with horseradish or aspic to the salad – they are also “You can buy it anywhere. We season everything with mayonnaise. And we get a crazy, quick, tasty and cheap salad, which can also easily be put into tartlets and become an appetizer.”

For four servings you will need:

  • mushrooms – 300 grams
  • onion – 150 grams
  • beans – 400 grams
  • garlic – one clove
  • greens – one bunch
  • mayonnaise – two tablespoons
“Caesar” New Year’s Eve

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According to Roman Trusov, people often prefer proven dishes for such a holiday. Therefore, the chef told how quickly and deliciously make a salad popular in Russia:

“Caesar” can also be prepared very quickly, because it is mainly sauce and leaves. Take iceberg lettuce and tear it into pieces. We include the sauce: for this you will need mayonnaise, anchovies (sold in glass jars or canned). Grind the ingredients in a blender – and you’re done. Dressing lettuce leaves.

The second step is the chicken. We cut the breast into thin pieces, beat it off, marinate in oil and spices – I can recommend one very tasty, called shichimi. Fry the pieces and spread on the spicy salad. Cherry tomatoes and a boiled quail egg can also be put on a plate.

And the last stage – croutons. You can cut the bread thinly, sprinkle a little with herbs and send it in vegetables or butter in a preheated oven for just a few minutes. That’s it: delicious, tried and tested, fast.”

For four servings you will need:

  • chicken – 200 grams
  • leaves of salad – 120 grams
  • mayonnaise – 45 grams
  • anchovies – 5 grams
  • garlic – 5 grams
  • cherry tomatoes – 50 grams
  • quail eggs – 4 pieces
  • croutons – 5 grams (they are very light)
“Happy Salad”

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And Evgeny Meshcheryakov, even on New Year’s Eve, prefers non-standard salads at the party. The most important thing is that cooking does not take much time. The chef shared a recipe for a dish based on vegetables and marinated fish:

“To make the preparation of the salad less time, I suggest to break it into two stages. Take any white fish, except cod and its family. It is better to buy a product that is already cut into fillets. Cut it into thin slices and For the marinade you will need salt, sugar, juice of lime and lemon, as well as olive oil. We marinate the fish for about 20-30 minutes. You can do this the day before. marinade after half an hour and leave the finished product in a container in the refrigerator.

And already on December 31, cut the salad quietly. You will need spinach leaves, lettuce, carrots and turnips. Cut carrots and turnips into random strips, mix with green leaves. And at the end – sauce (mix olive oil, mustard, raspberry or red wine vinegar, sugar, salt, honey and lemon juice).

I recommend serving the salad in batches. Put the fish on greens and vegetables, and put the sauce on the table in a separate container. Guests can fill the salad themselves, while the vegetables stay fresh until the party. And in the end we got such a lovely salad with marinated fish.”

For four servings you will need:

  • fish – 380 grams
  • spinach – 240 grams
  • lettuce – 30 grams
  • carrots – 30 grams
  • turnip – 30 grams
  • For marinade:

  • salt – 12 grams
  • whole lemon juice
  • whole lime juice
  • sugar – 20 grams
  • For refueling:

  • Dijon mustard, cream – 60 grams
  • raspberry or red wine vinegar – 20 grams
  • sugar – 30 grams
  • salt – 6 grams
  • juice of one lemon
  • olive oil – 100 grams

Reinventing traditional dishes

Despite the list of “quick” dishes, it is unlikely that many festive tables will do without New Year’s “old-timers”. But it is not necessary to follow the traditions exactly – you can diversify traditional salads. Dmitry Novichkov willingly shared his tips on how to do this.

“Herring under a fur coat”

Photo: Dmitry Novichkov

The idea of ​​replacing the usual herring with sprat may surprise some. But that’s why we experiment! The chef suggests buying pickled sprats, which are sold in plastic transparent buckets: such fish is very easy to clean from bones.

Important advice: Beginners are advised not to boil vegetables, but to bake them. “It is better to bake all the vegetables of this salad in foil. And beets, and carrots, and potatoes. When cooking, part of the flavor goes into the water. Baked food will be much more aromatic and tastier. Moreover, in this salad, I also recommend placing fish above other ingredients,” said the chef.

Olivier with quail and caviar

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Beginners are sure: a salad so authentic for the New Year just needs to be made a little more interesting and tasty. Instead of the usual sausage, the chef recommends adding something unusual, for example, a quail egg. And it is better not to boil it, namely to fry it, so that the taste is brighter.

“As a chef of a restaurant, I like that it is not only tasty, but also beautiful. That’s why I suggest putting the meat on top of the salad, and everyone will already mix it in their plate. In general there are a lot of possibilities to replace the usual sausage. For example, last year it was completely by chance “I came up with a new combination. I added red caviar to the salad that was left after the celebration. Firstly, it was very beautiful, and secondly, you can’t even imagine how delicious it turned out,” the chef shared his secrets.

There remains the last piece of advice that will help a lot on New Year’s Eve. Do not try to prepare food for the coming year on a holiday. On January 1, the shelves are not empty, gas and electricity are not excluded. For a banquet in honor of the most important night of the year, limit yourself to a few dishes. There will be less food, as well as fatigue, and only more energy.

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