We have collected 10 desserts from around the world for you.

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We present you a country guide for different countries of the world for true lovers of sweets – the ten most delicious desserts from around the world. After all, every country has its own famous dessert, which you should definitely try!


1. Strudel, Austria.


You can appreciate the taste of a real dessert only in Vienna or Salzburg. But you can get acquainted with the first recipe for this dessert, dated 1696, in the city library of Vienna. For the entire time of its existence, the recipe has not undergone significant changes, and to prepare this dessert, as before, you will need dough with fruit filling, berries, cottage cheese or moon. This dish is often served with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

2. Trdlo, Czech Republic.


Behind the interesting name trdlo are ordinary tubes of cream, very popular in the Czech Republic. This dessert is prepared from sweet dough over an open fire, after which it is dipped in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon, and sprinkled with nuts or coconut flakes on top. In the Czech Republic, this delicacy can be bought right on the street, and not only locals, but also travelers want to eat it.

3. Baklava, Turkey.


Baklava, or baklava in Turkish, is a dish of oriental cuisine. Originating in the 15th century, the dessert is made of thin sheets of pastry smeared with butter and honey and sprinkled with nuts. The dish has a sugar-sweet taste, so it is recommended to drink it with tea.

4. Pavlova cake, Australia and New Zealand.


This dessert was made in honor of the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, and today this cake is a decoration of Australian and New Zealand cuisine. By the way, these two states still cannot decide where exactly this dessert was invented. But in fact, it doesn’t matter, the only important thing is that today everyone can enjoy this amazing dish, decorated with berries and whipped cream, with a crispy crust and a soft center that looks like marshmallows.

5. Tiramisu, Italy


Until now, it is impossible to say exactly which of the regions of Italy is the birthplace of this delicious dessert. Today, this Italian dish can be ordered in absolutely any restaurant in the world, but real tiramisu can be tasted only in Italy. The composition of this dish includes truly Italian ingredients: mascarpone cheese from Lombardy, airy Savoyardi biscuits and marsala wine from Sicily.

6. Traditional pudding, England.


This dish can be called a symbol of old England, because it is cooked in almost every English family, and the recipe is passed down from generation to generation. This incomparable dessert is prepared in a water bath from flour, bread crumbs, eggs, fat, cream and herbs. But few people know that once the composition of the pudding also included meat.

7. Creamy sweets, Japan.


Buttercream candies are not a dessert, but a regular snack, comparable to our popcorn. Chestnuts grown in Japan and South Korea, sweet potatoes, sugar and spices are used to make these sweets.

8. Churchkhela, Georgia.

church khela

This Georgian sweet is prepared from fruits, mostly grape juice, in which nuts that have been dipped on the string. Despite the apparent simplicity, the process of making church khela is complex and time-consuming, but the resulting dessert is worth all the effort.

9. Cheesecake, United States.


This dessert is perhaps the most famous in the world. It is prepared in absolutely all corners of the earth, but cheesecake is especially popular in the USA. But the birthplace of this dessert is not the United States, but Ancient Greece, where they knew about it back in the 6th century BC.

10. Turron, Spain


To its taste, this Spanish delicacy resembles the well-known nougat. There are two types of this wonderful dessert: hard, similar to roasting, and soft, like nougat with nuts. But you can only try turron in Spain, because it is officially forbidden to make it outside this country.

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