What is harmful sliced ​​bread from the store: tips, recipe

Today, the vast majority of housewives prefer to buy immediately chopped bread and at home do not spend a lot of time cutting. But the product in this form is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Such bread has some disadvantages that can negatively affect health.

The editors of FoodOboz have collected information for you and will tell you than harmful sliced ​​bread from the store and why it is better not to buy it.

As harmful sliced ​​bread from the store

There is an answer to this question – sliced ​​bread spoils much fasterlike a whole loaf of bread. This is because the area for fungal damage by cutting increases. How does this happen? It’s simple: a certain environment is formed in the bag, in which the bread is quickly saturated with moisture and does not have the ability to “breathe”. As a result, the process of emergence and reproduction of various microorganisms is accelerated.

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Why does sliced ​​bread spoil quickly?

But this is not the most important thing. When cutting bread with combinations, special knives are used, which are lubricated with oil. It is not worth talking about everyone, but not every manufacturer is ready to spend expensive oil on this. As a rule, this is a cheap analogue.

How to store bread properly

But even if it happened that you had to buy such bread, at home it is recommended to immediately put it in a linen bag. Then he lasts longer. If the product is out of date, it can be sent to the microwave, lightly moistened with water.

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