Why we cry from onions and how to stop it

Because of him, millions of women cry every day… The deceptive onion corrodes our eyes with sulfuric acid! We tell you why this happens and how you can protect your eyes.

Each bulb is a storehouse of vitamins and various nutrients, it is useful to use it in its raw form. But why do we cry when we cut it?

When we chop an onion, onion cells are injured and a chemical reaction occurs – sulfoxides and enzymes begin to combine, which have not been in contact with each other before. At this time, silver compounds are formed, the mucous membrane of the eyes begins to defend itself – reflex tears appear, which are different from those that shake you when watching a melodrama. The main function of these tears is to wash away irritants and clear the eyes, so that they are released in larger quantities and contain more antibodies that prevent the penetration of microorganisms. But this aggravates the situation even more – when mixed with sulfur compounds, tears form a weak solution of sulfuric acid, which causes a very strong burning sensation.

That is, the more you cry while cutting onions, the longer and more tears you have to shed. Of course, not only the mucous membranes of the eyes, but also the nose reacts to sulfur compounds, so, if you are too sensitive, a runny nose may appear.

Onions are no reason to cry

There are many folk hacks and tips on how to avoid tears when cutting onions. Someone recommends chopping onions with a mouthful of water, and someone suggests lighting a candle next to the cutting board – it should “burn” the sulfur fumes. But perhaps the most popular and effective method is to often wet the blade of a knife in cold water during peeling and chopping onions.

It is also effective to cool the onion in the refrigerator before cutting. In both cases, the temperature of the onion drops, so the sulfoxides and enzymes will interact more slowly, produce less gas and the reaction to it will be weaker.

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